Baseball Players Whose Names Fit A Different Sport With Strikes

Before resuming their continued acclaimed rivalry, the Yankees and Red Sox took allotment in a alms bowling accident above-mentioned to a three bold series. Abounding associates of both teams attended, including afresh retired David Ortiz.

Boston’s All-Star appointed hitter was a autonomous drillmaster for one team, while New York larboard hander CC Sabithia served as drillmaster of the added accumulation of bowlers. The money was aloft to account one of Sabathia’s charities.

Reliever Dellin Betances, centermost fielder Aaron Hicks, appropriate fielder Brett Gardner as able-bodied as appointed hitter Matt Holliday were a allotment of the Yankees who were on hand. Representing the Red Sox were outfielder Mookie Betts and larboard hander David Price.

While the after-effects of the frames accept not been publicized, baseball admirers would accept to accept that it was Price who threw the a lot of strikes. After all, he has led the American League in strikeouts for several years.

Other than the appellation strike, and a annular ball, the sports of baseball and bowling accept little in common. Nevertheless, a dozen players from the Major Leagues accept names that affect to bowling, and actuality is a band up of some of those guys.

First Base, Eddie Murray

Eddie is the Hall of Fame slugger who played mostly for the Baltimore Orioles. His endure name is the appellation acclimated if a bowler leaves the 5-7-10 pins standing.

Second Base, Jason Lane

Houston’s banderole acceptable aggregation of 2006 relied on competitors like Lane, who shares a name with the area area bowling is played.

Shortstop, Gene Alley

A key allotment of the Pittsburgh calendar that accomplished the 1971 World Series, Alley did not acquiesce abounding assurance to cycle accomplished him on the baseball diamond.

Third Base, Red Rollings

This guy is one of the attenuate players in baseball history who spent his absolute career with two teams but in just one city. He spent his aboriginal seasons with the Red Sox afore getting beatific beyond boondocks to be with the Boston Braves, the endure aggregation for whom he would play.

Outfielder, Bud Stewart

He played with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Senators, and Chicago White Sox from 1941 to 1954, and his endure name in bowling circles refers to a absolute bold of twelve strikes continuously.

Outfielder, Hunter Pence

The article of the bold of bowling is to about coursing pins, so this fan admired of the San Francisco Giants should accede a bold of ten pins as a hobby.

Outfield, Kenny Lofton

Cleveland’s ascendant teams of the Nineties had this accelerated hitter at the top of its lineup, but yield off the basal letter of his name and you accept the bowling appellation for if you cycle the brawl harder instead of smoothly.

Catcher, Thurman Munson

The All-Star Yankee aback stop helped New York to a cord of pennants, and he shares his endure name with the capital appearance (played by Woody Harrelson) in the ultimate bowling blur Kingpin.

Right Handed Pitcher, John Montefusco

The amount of pins agape down on any accustomed attempt is accepted to keglers as a count, which is aswell the appellation of the ace of agents on the San Francisco Giants of the Seventies.

Left Handed Pitcher, Joe Boehling

The aback of his jersey is arresting just like the sport, but he absitively on a baseball career that spanned from 1912-1920 for the Washington Senators and the Cleveland Indians.